Sacred Lotus Love Tea Tumbler | Review

Welcome back dear friends! For a little change of pace with the TehBen review series, we’ve got the rare treat of reviewing a consumer product! Please enjoy our attempt at branching out to new ideas, and as always, be sure to drop us a line on Twitter or by email if there’s anything YOU would like to see us review. Let’s get down to it before our drinks get too cold, enjoy!

The Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler Thermos by Sacred Lotus Love is billed as an “infuser/strainer” for loose leaf tea, coffee, or fruit water with an 18 oz capacity. Constructed with Bamboo surrounding sleek metal, the appearance and feel out of the box makes you feel like you’re becoming part of SOMETHING. Little cards or slips of affirmation and peace will help sell this product to the zen minded consumer. While this approach is not my personal cup of tea (ha), the packaging and presence of the product are heartwarming and professionally done.

Now most readers probably know how a loose leaf tea infuser works, but please remember that I’m a very simple man and without my wife I’d probably would have starved to death a long time ago. In any event, the infuser has a screw-cap arrangement and fits snugly in the top of the thermos. The super fine mesh means even the finest of leaves, and nearly every kind of coffee grounds will stay safely in the basket. With the basket securely in place, the hot water flows in easily and steeping with the thermos’ screw cap was a clean and easy process. Even for a tea bag loving American like myself, this system made me feel like a pro.

Tea not included

Next step down on the importance ladder would have to be holding temperature, as using the term “thermos” is going to evoke a pretty big claim to reliability. Let’s be up front with this: I have no idea about the properties of Bamboo, and if that has any impact on the temperature control with the insulated metal. That being said, the holding temperature is fairly strong compared to similar competitors in this price range. I made some tea at about 3pm yesterday, and it was still tasting warm around 9pm when I polished it off. My personal tastes like to have a bit of a temperature cool down, so after I while I just kept the cap off the top to bring the things down a few degrees. Cold brew coffee worked well also, brewing over night in the fridge, a quick tumble of the fluids and my first attempt at cold brew was a rousing success.

Good for cup holders (nice stick shift bro)

Verdict: The Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler thermos by Sacred Lotus Love is a professionally made long-form hot drinks container that will satisfy anyone looking for a different approach to this product type. The bamboo constructed exterior will be a conversation piece onto itself, and the company’s branding and marketing will be a hit for the client base looking to support a brand with this mindset. Simple and effective to use for even the simplest of tea drinkers (me), my wife and I finally have a system to use all that loose tea we have laying around the house. Tea time is here and it’s high time we become a part of it. Get steeping, bros.

A Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler was provided by Sacred Lotus Love for this review to All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Purchase Link: Amazon ($25.97 US)
Company Website: Sacred Lotus Love

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  1. I received this tumbler as a b-day present. I realized a day later, it was missing the tea basket and strainer. I emailed Sacred Lotus Love two days later (two months ago) to inform them of the missing items, hoping they’d ask to send back the tumbler to replace it with one that does contain these two items, or perhaps, receive them without having to do anything, or at least pay for shipping and handling, but nothing. I kept my tumbler in its original packaging and waited a couple of weeks but did not receive a response. I forward my initial email to SLL and emailed them again as a reminder of my inquiry, but unfortunately, no one ever did respond to my emails. I decided to start using it and even though I’m happy with my tumbler, does not excuse the fact they never responded. It’s not about the basket or strainer, it’s about the principal and work ethic and their lack of customer service the reason I will never shop here or refer anyone to them. These are reasons why businesses fail in the first place.

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