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We love each and every one of our lovely readers, including the ones that have fun ripping us to shreds on Reddit! We have been building this site purely out of the love within our hearts, and everything we put out (and purchase for review) is 100% financed by our soul-crushing jobs. There’s a lot of annoying fees that go into something like this with domain registration, hosting fees and equipment. Stuff is always going to cost more than you think it will, and I’m willing to eat all these expenses, because I’m stupid and have stars in my eyes. But there is one important factor that donations would help with:

Right now, all of my employees are working tirelessly on the infamous “but it’s exposure!” pay scale, and even though I am paying them less than a child makes working inside an iPhone factory, they continue to hammer out great content and reviews with nothing but smiles on their faces. I never thought I’d have an entire team putting out great stuff at a pace like this (I’m pretty sure I published a single article in 2014), so I will always kick back to those who believe in me long before taking anything out of the hat for me. My writing team is why we are destroying it right now, and it’s clearly not due to the guy who writes about old shit like Zune hardware. 🙂

So, if you love what we do here, and would love to support all the amazing help and talent that makes this site what it is, consider donating a coffee ($3.00 USD) to our cause.



(I’m not trying to be an obnoxious e-beggar, I just put links at top and bottom in case someone wanted to chip in without reading my cardboard sign)