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The racing off-season is mercifully brief…or even non existent if you look hard enough. No matter how you slice it, it’s tough when your favorite series or track takes a break for months out of the year. Racing isn’t so much a sport as it is a way of life even for fans, and slogging through all the down time can really suck. Speaking of sucking, Matt’s Smut Vault is back and open for business as we chase the off season blues with a combo of two things TehBen.com absolutely loves: racing, and strongly worded sexy stories. Buckle up and let’s see what’s in store at the hottest dirt track on God’s green earth!

Pit Lizard: Libby by Angel Wolfe is the first of a two book series that examines a fictional yet down to earth high octane lifestyle of a close knit group of dirt track racing drivers, girlfriends, and the all too familiar pit lizards. The pit lizard, (for new readers) is essentially a race track groupie. A stereotypically horny woman known to prowl the pits for their driver(s) of choice often times flaunting the controversial reputation of their unabashed sexuality. If you need more background, we’ve previously covered pit lizards a bit here at TehBen. But while today’s story is wholly fictional, there’s quite a lot of what we’re looking at today taking place at every short track in America. Libby Reece, the titular character of this first novel is an all but self proclaimed pit lizard who’s looking to get more out of a relationship with a driver. She’s had her fun, but has recently decided that maybe it’s time to start settling things down. Al, the main character who narrates our story, is a street modified racer who carries himself as a nice guy. He may not be nice guy that finishes last on the track, but in the love department he’s been known to come up short. Al is jealous of the stable relationships his closest racing friends have, but hell even a quick roll in the clay would be an improvement…and that’s when Libby enters his life.

Wisdom from Libby

I’d love to tell you there was some slow burn lust-to-love story that took place in the confines of this novel, but that just isn’t the case here. Libby meets Al at the track on one particular race evening…and they immediately become a couple within the first couple of pages. Certainly there’s some initial, “hey aren’t you a slut tho?” conversations held between the main characters as Libby is known as a free wheeler around the pit area, but to his credit, Al isn’t bothered much by Libby’s reputation. All told, Libby’s in it for the long haul here and Al is ready to take the plunge from nearly the first paragraph.

Al’s dreams coming true in real time

The story is a balance of linear themes for a two to three week run at the local dirt track, broken up by the personal lives of the handful of main characters. To put it another way, the story is told as simply as: “race, fuck, race, fuck, race, Waffle House, fuck.” While this could be co-written as the Noah Gragson experience, it all seems to work in some strange way as a reasonable method to tell a story. To be clear, the kindle version I read did not break the story into chapters, and that was a struggle for reading pace. But pacing aside, the near existentialist manner in which the story is told has a refreshing crisp edge to it. The racing scenes are detailed however, a little too detailed in fact for reader comfort. The research and knowledge from the author about the ins and outs of a typical night of dirt racing is impressive, but many extra details about the proceedings tend to clog up the on-track narratives. For a story that’s meant to be so minimal, the base alloy of a 4 page detail of track run-in at the start of a race evening seemed a great deal out of place. The sex, mind you, is just as stringently detailed.

Al and Libby, as you might expect, do some fuckin’ over the course of the Pit Lizard story. All of Al’s Christmas’ have come at once, and he’s got this hot but reformed pit lizard all to himself. The sex scenes are fairly well done, and you can tell the author’s got the erotica chops when it comes down to business. That said, there’s really no conflict to speak of. Libby has some jealous mean girl enemies skulking around the pit area that look to thwart…something about what’s going on during the story, but each bump in the road is quickly smoothed over. Even the relationship itself seems on autopilot from the word go. Al is so hard up for love that a mere pill draw and change of tear offs is making Al think about (and move forward with) moving Libby into his home after the story concludes. Al is either the biggest sap in the pits, or Libby is more beautiful than words could even compel to describe. For the sake of the story, let’s hope it’s both.

Verdict: Pit Lizard: Libby by Angel Wolfe is a purposefully minimal erotica novel set on one of the most beautiful backdrops this reviewer could imagine: a dirt racing track. The characters themselves are believable in the vacuum of a race track pit area or Waffle House dining room, but seem only to exist in this small controlled bubble of regional street modified racing and semi-protected sex. It’s not insulting as porn is in regards to story, but it’s a world where every single thing that isn’t racing or sex is stripped away as useless dead weight. It may not be the story I’d most want to read, but I’m pressed to find a world setting I’d more want to live in myself.

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Author’s Twitter: @angelwolfenovel

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