MTN Dew VooDew 2020 | Soda Blog Review

The year 2020 has thrown us a lot of curveballs, but through all those tribulations, the good people at Mtn Dew have found a way to persevere and keep the hits coming. New and old flavors have made themselves known, but mostly through ball-busting exclusive deals with store or specific restaurants driving up the interest, but end up driving down deliciousness. One such flavor is again being released to the masses, and it’s a second stab at an idea that had the members of the Dew cult buzzing back in the normal days of 2019.

Mtn Dew VooDew (2020 Edition) is currently hitting store shelves and is a direct follow-up to the mystery flavor promotion spun around Halloween in 2019. Last year’s flavor was debated to no end, with our humble (perfect) Soda Blog getting in on the action as well. Mtn Dew later confirmed the flavor was indeed “Candy Corn,” but promises that the 2020 edition is a distinct new flavor profile to keep us all guessing for another fall season. Reducing our soda commute to a mere seven miles compared to our last Dew adventure, I drove dangerously through a school zone and cleared a store shelf like it was a March toilet paper run picked up a few bottles to see if we could crack the code.

I normally like to start these reviews with a thought on the smell, and for this one it’s of even more importance. The only way to describe it is to be a blunt as possible.

Imagine yourself getting nostril fucked by a rogue package of strawberry Fun Dip….it’s easy if you try.

It’s like getting a water boarded by an expired pack of Pop Rocks…

…like getting donkey punched by a mutated box of Nerds. It’s like…..

…well it’s sugary, very sugary indeed. I’m all for a head rush though so I’m still on board for a good time. How’s this aggressively scented bastard taste anyway?

I’ll spare you more clever musings on the sweetness, but as expected the flavor is immensely sweet to match the smell. By design, the flavor profile is hard to pin down from the start, and the clear color is of no help. A friend and co-worker of mine immediately said “Strawberry Skittles,” but this was quickly debunked after a trip to the office vending machine for verification. Another friend mentioned Sweet Tarts, and the “dry sweet” that comes with some sips certainly makes a strong case here. We’ve been dancing around it, but I humbly believe I’ve got the 2020 profile figured out.


Verdict: Mtn Dew VooDew (2020 edition) is a much improved flavor experience than its 2019 introductory option. Be aware that it’s still mind numbingly sweet, but a Halloween themed flavor really should come with such an expectation. It’s an aggressive sugar rush, and as proof, I’m hitting the backspace key (more than normal) to correct my shaky finger typos as I review it. There’s a dry sugar feel to it that reminds me of carnivals, or late summer early fall treats…so it has to be cotton candy. Like a mouthful of pure granulated sugar cut with carny dye and served by the bag or on a stick, VooDew 2 is liquefied sugar puff. And if I’m wrong? Well that won’t be anything new, but I’ll still have my VooDew 2 Electric Boogaloo to groove to the rest of the season. Consider me hooked!

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