Mtn Dew Frost Bite | Soda Blog Review

Well, it’s been an interesting few weeks in human history, and that’s putting it mildly. Sure, the world is coming to an end, people are dying, and our faith is being forced into people we struggle to trust in the first place…but it’s also important to remember the good things as well. I’ll try to think of another, but the most notable beacon of hope in this avalanche of bad news has to be a new Mtn Dew flavor.

Mountain Dew Frost Bite was released this month as a Walmart exclusive, which is a new approach to the “exclusive” Dew concept. Mtn Dew releasing an exclusive fountain drink is a long used concept, the most famous being the Baja Blast flavor that originated at Taco Bell locations. Frost Bite however, is being released as a cans and bottles flavor, but only within the confines of America’s biggest supermarket chain. If you’ve been on planet Earth in 2020, you may have noticed grocery stores are having a bit of a moment. Panic buying, shelves going empty, and supply chain woes to beat the band. What toll would this take on my personal mission of finding the new Dew? On Sunday morning my wife sent me out on a futile expedition for toilet paper, as we were down to a mere three rolls. Scavenging out in the wasteland is becoming a weekend event for me, but I held little hope that I’d find either of my needed items. As I juked around forklifts and handcarts, I grabbed my six rolls of Charmin and sprinted towards the soda aisles. There before me lay a pallet of promise, hope, and a return to the life we once lived a mere 30 days prior. I proudly leapt towards the self-checkout, carrying the two most important things in my life as if there were my own children swaddled in each arm. I had beaten the odds and somehow found a new soda pop and premium buttwipe amid a pandemic crisis. That being said, this stuff better taste good.

Ok, I’ll avoid the gloom and doom for the rest of the article, pandemic or not, this soda was very intriguing. Mtn Dew has been obsessed with “blue” flavors recently and as a fan of Liberty Brew, it seems they have finally come close to cracking this code. There’s not much to say about the color and smell, it’s blue in the most wonderful way. To be honest, if you’re a collector or stockpile Dew drinker, I wouldn’t put Frost Bite next to your cans of Liberty Brew, as you might not even realize you picked the wrong one until you’ve had a taste. Upon my first sip, I sensed a smoothness that’s frankly uncommon when it comes to this type of drink. It’s hard to put the flavor into words, but if you’ve ever had Mtn Dew Voltage, I’d say it’s a less intense version of that. Mtn Dew themselves claim that there’s a bit of lemon in the flavor profile (omg I’m so sorry), but frankly, they aren’t to be trusted. What we can trust them with is a wonderful new all-purpose Dew that’s just as good over ice as it would be directly out of the can or bottle.

Verdict: Mtn Dew Frost Bite is just as refreshing as the sugar addicted shark on the label promises it to be. The official brand line is “a burst of icy refreshment and cool lemon,” which while accurate, doesn’t tell the whole story. The Dew people have taken pains the last few years to find smoothness in their new releases, adding balance to their hyper sweet flavors that still dominate the market. Frost Bite is the lighter side of Blue Dews like Voltage and Liberty Brew, and will be much more agreeable to drinkers that struggle with the overbearing sweetness. Pour it over ice or have it right out of the can, Frost Bite is a sliver of hope during a really crappy time in our world’s history. Buy it with your essentials, and enjoy it at home as you hunker down. If you happen to get some, try it out with some light liquors. When we all meet up again, no matter how long that might be from now, let’s make it a Frost Bite cocktail party, as we’ve surely got some time on our hands to get it right. Cheers!

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  1. I love the Voltage …But I Miss Pitch Black will it ever come back. AND WHERE IF POSSIBLE CAN I Buy It

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