Mtn Dew Brownies: Liberty Brew Edition | Soda Blog Recipe and Review

Welcome back to the Soda Blog! This is our first ever attempt at a recipe article on this side of the website, so bear with us if we’re not presenting this with the right tone or format. That being said, the one thing we do know is that we have to pollute the first half of the post with some self-serving nonsense to keep you from finding the ingredients and instructions right away. Picture it: Sicily, 1935. I had just met my first of eleven husbands and….ok FUCK it, let’s just talk about the food.

Mtn Dew is special to us here at TehBen, and we’ve been looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy it. With products like Mtn Dew Doritos and recipes for cookies, popcorn and all manner of foodstuffs containing our favorite pop, it’s high time we took a stab at making one ourselves. Before we go any further, let me reference and credit the YouTube chef that gave us this idea (and most of the directions). Check out FunFoods on the YT, their videos are clear and helpful and make all sorts of crazy things using basic household ingredients.

For Mtn Dew brownies, the key factor is making a proper syrup. Mixing 2 cups of sugar, ½ cup of Light Corn Syrup and a cup of soda boils down into a thick AF syrup that can be used to sweeten anything from an old fashioned cocktail to the baked goods attempt we’re exploring today. While regular Mtn Dew has its place in countless recipes, we stepped it up a notch and made our syrup with that legendary blue dew known as LIBERTY BREW. If you’re unfamiliar with this one, Liberty Brew’s main selling point is the supposed 50 unique flavor contributions that mix together in a massive burst of American exuberance. Plus, I had a few flat bottles laying around from last year’s limited release so this made perfect sense to put them to work. Following this specific recipe made the syrup extremely thick, much more like a pancake syrup than a simple syrup that you’d use in a cocktail. Still this was probably for the best as we started mixing in our regular brownie ingredients.

The base for the brownies uses white chocolate and butter melted together combined with more corn syrup, an egg, salt, vanilla, blue food coloring (in our case) and flour. There’s nothing particularly special about the recipe other than the Dew, so getting this mixed together was a breeze. I was off and running with minimal assistance needed from the Mrs. for once. I tried to pack in the blue food coloring to get it as close to Liberty Brew as possible, but with so many white and yellow ingredients the mixture was beginning to resemble the color of Baja Blast. Now sitting inside a brownie pan for 30 minutes at 375 F, I had given it my best shot and the rest was in the hands of fate.

While the outside stayed fairly green, the inside was thankfully much closer to the intended goal. After cooling and cutting the first taste was a realization that I actually could bake something if I followed recipes correctly. The taste was quite interesting as well. While not a powerful blast of flavor like you’d get from a strong pull of the soda, there was a unique pairing that I think worked well with the white chocolate of the base brownie. Not too fudgy, not too cakey, everything just worked well together, not unlike the Liberty Brew soda itself. This even passed the wife test as she happily enjoyed a brownie or two with a tall glass of milk the same as if we’d made some normie brownies instead. Hell, maybe accents of white chocolate were in Liberty Brew somewhere and we found a new way to bring it out. Based on these results, I’m willing to give soda baking another try. What do you want us to have a crack at? Drop us a line on Twitter or just shout at me next time I’m at the grocery store. For now, I’ve got some serious eating to do. Happy baking!


For Syrup

·         2 cups Sugar

·         ½ Cup of Light Corn Syrup

·         1 Cup of Liberty Brew (or soda of choice)

Mix until dissolved in a boiling pot, boil until mixture reaches 230 F, let cool and store as a syrup


·         1 cup White Chocolate Chips

·         ½ cup Butter (one stick)

(Melt in microwave)

·         1 egg

· 1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (14 oz)

· ½ tsp Salt

·         1 tsp Vanilla Extract

·         2-3 tsps of Soda Syrup of Choice

·         Food Coloring

(Mix together)

·         2 Cups Flour

(Mix Together)

Once combined add to greased baking pan and bake at 375 F for 30 minutes

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