Revenge: How to Cap off a Dark Romance | A Novel Review

Sure, we’ve covered a few sequels at, and we love getting back into a great story’s universe and examining the latest developments. Book sequels are superior to the sequels presented in other media, and no one can deny this. A THIRD full-length book in a series however? That’s a completely new one to us, and we’re excited to explore a series through to its conclusion. Just as before, we’re dealing with capital D Dark Romance, so from this point forward, reader discretion is advised.

We’re already in this too deep, and there’s only one way out….Read on.

Revenge is book three in the Corrupt Empire dark romance series by Sarah Bailey. After reviewing both Betrayal and Sacrifice, it should go without saying that we’re a little tense about what might come next. The second book ended with yet another jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Aiden and Avery have finally concocted a plan to bring down the evil human trafficking corporation that’s destroyed families for decades, and it’s finally time to put that plan into action. These two have been through all manner of hell and somehow find the drive to continue to express their love. And express it…and express it…and..holy shit do these two fuck. A lot. This book isn’t marketed as erotica, but sex is almost always on the table…or in a bathroom cubicle, or in an office, or in the bedroom using an intricate bondage of harnesses where she…

<deep breath>

NOT erotica Matt, get a hold of yourself! ANYWAY, in between their copious acts of physical compassion, Aiden and Avery have a few more hurdles to clear before their happy ending, including a confrontation with the purest form of evil that separates the perverse from the unspeakable. Yeesh, come to think of it, maybe all that screwing is a coping mechanism that takes their minds off all this.

As with the first two novels, the intensity of the subject matter means the reader is on the edge of their seat for its entirety. It is no longer an impression of evil that rises to the surface at convenient moments, as the horrors endured by characters past and present are now at the forefront. After the graphic retelling of Aiden’s childhood trauma, there’s little debate remaining for the case against redemption. This further explains why Aiden is such a possessive little bitch whenever ANYTHING happens to his Avery. The young Avery may be the one wearing the cuffs and ropes…but Aiden might be the one truly submitting. The examination of the “wants to be needed, needs to be wanted” dynamic of a dom/sub relationship can be employed by the reader, and I appreciate the author making the effort to show this nuance.

The corporation is eating itself from the inside, and we get a front row seat. It’s never my intention to spoil anything, but the author herself has been publicly gunning for a happy ending. I’m pleased to confirm that the conclusion will be satisfying, but not entirely predictable. Going into book three I was expecting Aiden to take the Charles Bronson approach to conflict resolution, but neither the author nor Avery would allow things to be so simple and cold. The human element of redemption must be considered, and what say it when we can’t solve our problems with mere anger, hatred, and a shot of ice cold steel jacketed vengeance?

Verdict: Revenge by Sarah Bailey is the gripping conclusion that a series of this caliber truly deserves. Full of heart stopping action and tension, with the sexual moments to match, this novel is a cherry on top to the menagerie of this Dark Romance. The challenges of Aiden and Avery play out in such a way that we can understand the notion that this was best explored over a book series instead of a solitary novel. These kids need their happy ending, and I need a nice long walk with fresh air and sunshine. Guess what…we went all-in, and won.

Special thanks to Sarah Bailey for providing a copy of “Revenge” to for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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