Memory Lane | Ava Sterling Cover Reveal

Welcome back to another Smut Vault Cover reveal! Ava Sterling has another one for us, dipping right back into the swing of things (omg I’m so sorry). If our review of Early Dessert was any indication, Sterling’s swinging style will get pages turning and cheeks flushed (as usual). Enjoy the excerpt and cover, and we’ll see you tomorrow for a regularly scheduled review!


A shared memory quickly turns into a steamy night to remember….

Patti’s husband, Doug, is away on business quite a lot. He’s gone so often that Patti has to find creative ways to entertain herself, such as gardening, drinking wine, and spending time with her neighbors, Evelyn and Cooper, who are also old college friends of Doug’s.

With Doug out of town, as usual, Patti learns that he and Evelyn dated back in college, which is a shock to Patti. Doug never mentioned that, which only made Patti wonder why.

More secrets are uncovered when Evelyn mentions that her and Cooper once made an offer to Doug, one that involves . . . shared experiences between the four of them. Doug declined, thinking Patti wouldn’t be into it.

He’s in for a surprise.

If you enjoy steamy stories of swingers, wife sharing, and husband sharing, then you’re gonna love Memory Lane: A Swingers Story.


Be sure catch this and other great erotic stories on Ava Sterling’s website!
Ava’s Twitter: @ava_sterling

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