Unloading a $750 Potato is Harder Than it Looks.


The results are in, and it is official – I suck at selling stuff on Craigslist. All of the “real” items I’ve been trying to unload have been a completely unsuccessful venture. I have had only a couple inquiries on stuff, even though all of the things I listed are priced to move. There is no where on Earth can you get a genuine 1998 Rae Carruth jersey for only 45 bucks! I guess most people that have an “NFL Killers” jersey collection have that one already.

But last Friday, my email finally lit up with several offers for the greatest potato in existance! I was, for lack of a better term, absolutely thrilled at the responses I got.

The first one comes into the potato game trying to bargain…

Somebody is trying to kick the tires of my potato! You can’t make a counter-offer without at least holding in person first! So, I responded with…

Unfortunately, that is where the conversation ended. It’s depressing when you respond with so much tenacity/lunacy that they automatically assume you are off your medication again and blacklist you from their contacts.

The second response comes from a dude named David who has a level of literary prose that makes me weak in the knees.

This reply made my week. I knew I had to counter like a boss and answer every one of his questions with truth, honesty, and at least a couple Pauly Shore jokes…

Once again, I was hoping for an awesome reply, but a reply never came. I’m pretty sure I convinced him I was using a computer from inside a well-guarded institution.

The AOL disc joke came to me at the last second, and I am really considering making this idea into another awesome Craigslist posting. I just have to get a hold of some fucking AOL discs first. 

Anyways, hats off to both Skylar and David for being awesome! I really don’t know what made you guys type “potato” into the Craigslist search engine, and honestly, I really don’t wanna know.

Thanks to everyone that made my original Potato post go big. It’s the highest viewed article on the site!!! Lots of love, 

Teh Ben

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