May Update!

Summer is almost here, which will require me to record and upload lots of embarrassing kayak fails and motovlogs! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

But, in order to get to that point, I gotta work on finishing all the stuff I have on backlog. And there’s plenty of that to go around.

Firstly, here’s the most recent published content:

Save money, cut your own damn hair, make sure you have something to catch all that blood:

And then I offer you my first video consisting of several different video tracks and my new green screen. I have no explanation for the bizzare content tho (It seemed more rational in my head):

At any time, I suggest strongly that you do the nice thing and subscribe to my channel. I don’t focus on any one kind of theme, and I strive for decent-looking production value. And my shit isn’t monetized, so you won’t be bombarded with stupid commercials if you watch any of my work (this guarantee does not extend towards any of the moronic commercials I make). 

Those are what have been completed the last couple weeks, and here’s what’s coming down the ‘ol sewage pipes:


Episode 054 is taped, just needs to be stitched together and mastered. We had audio problems not seen since the days of Behringer products, so I have to look into replacing my 1/4″ jack splitter cables….ugh.


“Ridin’ Dirty: A Discography” is 45% done, should be up in a few days

“Still Doing the Same Shit 20 Years Later” is 5% done, should be up next week (hopefully)


BATTLEFIELD WAR JOURNALS (Episode 1 and 2) are around 30% done. Still need a few minor tweaks with the scripting and those should be definitely up mid-week. I can’t stress enough how much I adore the PS4’s self-recording capabilities.

Secret Video: Still trying to get props and a general layout figured out. It’s sorta like a post-streaming “Let’s Play”, but I’m torn with trying to run it in one take, annoying the shit out of players online. I would discuss the theme a little more in detail, but I don’t want anyone ripping off my dumb joke/theme.

As always, much love to all you guys. You make being the hardest working man in free entertainment worth the effort!

Hats off to Google closed captioning.

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