Timothy Mean and the Time Machine 2 | TehBen’s Book Club

Welcome back to the Book Club! How about another family friendly contribution for our library here at TehBen HQ? We love these both for younger members of our families and the grownups who still want a connection with the sort of books that helped make us readers in the first place. Pack your crash helmet, time travel is a bumpy ride!

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine 2 written by William A.E. Ford and Illustrated by Marcelo Simonetti is a second adventure featuring the young boy Timothy Mean as he uses his self crafted time machine to interact with famous points and figures in history. And of course by interact, I mean being an absolute rapscallion. While in the first Timothy Mean book the protagonist spent most of his time messing with famous figures in history, book two shows the lad as a bit more complex. Maybe the time space continuum tipped off the Roman Empire or prehistoric cavemen, but Timothy’s in a lot of hot water on this journey and needs to think his way out of problems. The illustrations are still top shelf and the unique moments in time (including Mars in the future btw) are painted beautifully on the page. The narrative is a brief and tight rhyme scheme, but still tells a clear story with a beginning, middle, and end. Especially as little sister Lucy gets in on the act, we can see the possibilities for still more adventures with the Mean family.

Verdict: Timothy Mean and the Time Machine 2 written by William A.E. Ford and Illustrated by Marcelo Simonetti is yet another good time for all ages from this author and illustrator. While told in a simple way, it’s very clear to the reader of both books that Timothy has grown up some from his last adventure and the environments have adapted to him a bit as well. The illustrations put a modern edge on historically significant people and events as Timothy continues to annoy and dishevel the most famous people in human history. Little sister Lucy may only have a brief appearance, but I see a lot more on the horizon for the children of the Mean family…and perhaps a few more adventures for your family as well if you choose to join in.

Special thanks to William A.E. Ford for providing a review copy of Timothy Mean 2 to TehBen.com All thoughts and opinions are our own.
Author’s Twitter: @williamaeford
Purchase Link: Amazon

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