Rangers of Yeon | Annabel Learns a New Style

The following article is intended for 18+ only, thanks!

Annabel Lee, still locked inside the depths of our Smut Vault was sent a new story via the pneumatic tube along with a few PornHub passwords and bottle of lube. April Garrus has made the rest of the TehBen staff smile with their unique story work, but how will our more “captive” audience handle handle the heat? Let’s get to it y’all!

Hey sluts, it’s Annabel again. Let’s get right to it, I’m breaking in a new butt plug in here and I can only type so much. As for April’s book, certainly not what I expected, but in the best way. If you mix The Hunger Games with some Outlander, add some Grimm’s Fairy Tales and some sexy girl-on-girl action to it, this is about as close as you can get. I had to sleep on this review (naked of course, because the book is that hot) and decide what to say after. First thoughts? Searched amazon for a tartan skirt. Second? “Alexa play “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”.’

A brief synopsis of the book by yours truly: A young woman is trying to cross into adulthood by passing a test that will determine the rest of her life. All Hae wants is to be is a ranger in her clan. She’s feeling restless and nervous with her life. She is currently sleeping with a fellow in her clan who is safe, comfortable and really fucking boring. The rangers are supposed to be these badass protectors in their clans: They get to travel, have adventures, and fight for their people if necessary. Hae? She first reminds me of the scared doe in the beginning chapter of the book. She wants adventure, and isn’t getting it until she’s sent to her ranger test and meets Bae-Jin. Only then does she begin to morph into this badass sex kitten. Maybe from experiencing her first orgasm ever (say bye to the poor chap who she was fucking in the library) thanks to Bae-Jin, does she finally come out of that timid shell and start kicking (and licking) ass. While fighting in ghost world, she’s coming out and cumming as she’s exploring her sexuality. They say fighting, even fighting ghosts brings you closer together, and boy did it bring these two badass ladies together. A curse causes turmoil, but in the end Hae does whatever she has to do to keep her lady love close to her and go on another adventure together.

This is not my usual erotic adventure I enjoy, but my slave driver knows ill try anything once and I’m glad he sent this my way. It’s full of action, and sex. It also makes you think, which is more than what I’m used to reading. I’m curious if Master of the smut vault has a sequel in store for me.. maybe if I get on my knees in my new tartan skirt and ask real nice, I can have part two (if there is one!!).

Special thanks to April Garrus for providing a review copy of Rangers of Yeon to TehBen.com. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
Author’s Twitter: @AG_Hot_Flashes
Purchase Link: Amazon

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