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Welcome back to the Book Club! We had a lot of fun reviewing our first kids book last year, and we’ve got a fresh one for 2020. It’ll be good for us to again take a step back and review a work that’s a little more pure, with intentions to be more peaceful. Come on around to the kids section, as it’s an all ages welcome for our trip to the Book Club aviary y’all!

The Cockatoo from Timbuktu by William A.E. Ford, illustrated by Ramile M. Imac tells the story of Kian, a handsome young cockatoo living in a local zoo. A crowd pleasing song bird, children gather around his enclosure to partake in his sweet signing abilities. Sure, life is pretty easy for Kian, but he sorely misses his family back in Timbuktu. After developing a cunning plan, Kian escapes from his zoo enclosure and sets out to reunite himself with his beloved mum and dad. Can this young cockatoo rely on his own instincts in order to return home and live happily ever after?

The writing is a simple rhyme scheme poetic, perfectly suitable for bedtime reading, or as an opportunity for young readers to take over the reigns themselves. After the Cockatoo leaves the zoo he travels to each continent exploring the landscape and meeting the local animal population. The writing style is repeatable which is again, very suitable for new readers, but also leaves extra attention on the illustrations. Animals from each continent and animal class are brilliantly drawn and leap off the page. Each page turn is worth a “gathering” around the book no matter who your audience may be.

Verdict: The Cockatoo from Timbuktu by William A.E. Ford, illustrated by Ramile M. Imac is a charming little story about a cockatoo’s peaceful existence and the desire for freedom. The writing style is structured for good family reading, and could additionally be used to help teach young readers to start the world’s greatest hobby on their own. Backed by top notch illustrations and an identifiable story presented by the author, this brief but beautiful picture book should be a standard in any family’s library. Onwards and upwards flew the cockatoo, trying to get home to Timbuktu. Happy reading!

Special thanks to William A.E. Ford for providing a review copy of The Cockatoo from Timbuktu to All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Author’s Twitter: @williamaeford
Purchase Link: Amazon

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