Erotic Musings and the Crowd Sourced Erotica

The Smut Vault this week takes a special turn. Yes, we’ve got a new erotica author and story to review, but we’re throwing in an extra special treat as well! At long last, our Crowd Sourced Erotica story is ready for public viewing and we can’t wait to share it with you! First things first, let’s meet the author that helped bring this all together…

Her Fantasy by JK Cummings, more commonly known by their twitter handle Erotic Musings (NSFW account), is the first piece of writing submitted to under this pen name. Tess and James are having an…interesting night together. After a brief description of Tess’ bondage what follows is an sense tingling BDSM exploration that delves into the desires of the persons involved. It’s not really a story, but more like poetry. If you try to take in the piece as a story with a beginning and end, you’re more than likely to leave it disappointed. The work should be commended for its atmosphere, as we can tell that there’s an ambition to entice, and maybe even some first hand experience being shared. The author has an interesting base, and I’m hopeful to see in expanded in future works. Her Fantasy is not perfect, but I can appreciate the desire and drive that it takes to get an erotica writing campaign started. Perhaps we’ll look back on a fine erotica career that developed from these humble beginnings. Moreover, having a public workspace like MyErotica seems like a great opportunity to try out ideas or styles to get some instant feedback…which gave the boys at TehBen an idea!

Crowd Sourced Erotica

The concept of a Crowd Sourced Erotica came about watching countless hours of the old “Whose Line is it Anyway?” tv show in the TehBen writers room. Taking the improv approach (minus the cringeworthy stage show), and allowing the elements of an erotica to be decided by the studio audience felt like a fresh opportunity to cook up some wild sexy scenes. After a series of twitter submissions and voting threads, the sexualities, setting and even the sex acts of a brief erotica short were decided by you, by the people…. for the people!

So how did you do? After seeing the potential and desire in their first works, we put JK Cummings to the difficult task of turning all of the winning concepts into a relatable story, and we think they did a great job! With Oswald and Heidi Zhang facing the storm of the century, they take to the tornado shelter and have the time of their lives. Please enjoy our crowd sourced story, THE STORM.

***Read The Storm for free here***

Special thanks to JK Cummings for allowing us to review their work and especially for taking the time to write the Crowd Sourced Erotica on behalf of All thoughts an opinions are my own.
Author’s Writings: MyErotica
Author’s Twitter: @Musingserotic (NSFW)

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