The Storm | Crowd Sourced Erotica

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The Storm

Written by JK Cummings, with inspiration from readers

It’s been a week since Bob’s funeral. Oswald was sitting outside his farm house when it happened, the day Bob died.

Bob is…was his neighbor for as long as he could remember. They weren’t exactly friends per se, they were closer to acquaintances. They lived across the street from one another, and each had a small modest farm. They used to be friends. Not much else to talk about anymore, due to that one thing that Bob did 4 years ago.

The thing he didn’t like….no….he hated about Bob, is that Bob bought himself a bride from some small village in China.

Not the fact that he did it, but that she was so young. They supposedly waited until she was of age, 15 here with her parents consent. She’s got to be 19 now, not even 20 yet. Bob was already 50 when he brought her over. Oswald was 40 himself. Bob seemed nice enough to her when he had seen them together.  Oswald always wondered “What kind of man buys a bride and one so young?”

Heidi. He changed her name to Heidi. Her last name is Zhang, Oswald thought. She was pretty enough. Small framed. Not like his wife. Becky was big, not fat, just thick. They never did have any kids before she passed away from cancer last year.

It’s been a rough year for Oswald, and now Bob died. He knows what Heidi is going through. It was hard to see his wife go like that. At least Heidi didn’t have to see him suffer. Bob had a heart attack just as he was going back inside his house.  Oswald had seen it, seen Bob collapse. He tried to help give CPR, but it wasn’t enough. Bob was already dead by the time the ambulance arrived.

Bob was still his friend, he guessed. He just thought he was wrong for marrying her. Too young. Yet, when he died…..he wasn’t that upset.

Heidi was sweet and kind to him when his wife Becky passed. Bob let her help around his place to straighten up the house and helped set up the funeral. He even made her help with making the food for the meal after the service. Heidi was a good woman, too good for Bob. He didn’t deserve her. Heidi never complained though. She was always nice to Oswald.  

Oswald thought that Bob just used her to cook and clean, like some backwards 50’s way of thinking of women. His Becky worked until she just couldn’t and Heidi was good to her. She was just very kind, in a service kind of way really. Oswald doubted they even loved each other.  He thought Heidi deserved that now. Maybe. No. No. Wouldn’t be right.

Oswald watched her grow the last couple years. She’s developed quite well. Dammit, he shouldn’t be thinking that way about women. It’s only been a year. What would Becky want? She always said she wanted him to find someone special. Oswald needed to move on, but how could he?

How could he just find someone to fill the void? Heidi. Dammit. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. He’s watched her more this last year. She smelled good too.  Like flowers in the field, wild, free. He liked the way she smiled at him. The way she would brush up against him when she was helping around the house. After a bit of time, Bob forbade her to come over. He missed her. Missed her smile. Her touches. Damn. Even the way she moved her body. She has grown these last 4 years. Still small, but more of a woman.  

Now he couldn’t stop thinking about her. It’s only been a week since she saw him trying to save Bob. One day after the funeral. He should go over and help. She did it for him. Is it right though? Did he have other motivations? Heidi didn’t seem to cry now that he thought about it.  At least not in public. Maybe it would be ok to go over and see if she needed help and maybe she didn’t love Bob and maybe she would what him around.

Becky did want him to be happy. Yeah. It’s been so long, but it’s only been a week for Heidi. How would she handle a farm now?  He could help. He could… It’s not right. It’s not right. Is it? No. It’s not, but…she didn’t cry at the funeral and she did hug him there for what seemed like eternity. It did feel good. To be hugged. It wasn’t right the thoughts he was having.  The feelings he was developing for Heidi the last year. Hell. He had to try at least. She helped him and he needed to do the right thing and help her. So Oswald got up off the porch and walked over.


Heidi was at home alone for the first time ever. She didn’t know what to do. No Bob around to tell her what to do. It was her farm now and she felt lonely. Sad. Not sad that Bob was gone. He was good enough. Treated her ok and didn’t hurt her. Just, he didn’t love her. She read many American books about love.  She wanted it too. Love. Bob didn’t give her that. She wanted passion. Like the stories. She wanted a man to take her. Make her his. To make her feel safe and loved. She wanted to make love. Bob only wanted to be pleased. She did it. It was her duty. She had to.

Heidi watched Oswald on the porch. There was a sad man, alone. She noticed how he watched her this last year after his wife passed. She liked Oswald. He was a good man. A good husband. He would make a fine husband for her she thought. She wondered if he was like men in the stories she read. He was tall and good looking. She just didn’t think he was that interested in her though.

Heidi would brush up against him. Touch his arm or shoulder when she was over helping. Maybe Oswald just didn’t like her that way. Maybe she will just be alone. Yet, Oswald did watch her. She seen him do it when he didn’t think she would notice. She wondered if he would make a move like the stories of romance. She wanted him to often. It was wrong. She was married at that time and she had her duty, but she was not anymore. She was free. She was sad being alone. Bob wasn’t that bad. He just didn’t have romance.

In her dreams, Oswald would come over and make love to her. She wanted to feel that orgasm she would read about. She wanted to know what it felt like. She wanted to please Oswald too. She wanted to make him smile again. She liked his smile. It would sneak out sometimes. It was warm and it made her smile.

Her heart skipped. He was walking too her house. Sirens. Sirens? A storm was coming. The wind was blowing fast.  Oswald began to run to her. Yes. This was it. The rush of it was exhilarating. Just like the novels she read. She smiled and walked outside to him. She opened her arms to him. So romantic. Why is his mouth open like that? Heidi wondered. What was he saying? She couldn’t hear over all of the noise.


Oswald seen Heidi running toward him with her arms open. A storm was brewing fast. What was she doing?  That’s when he seen the tree by her house tip and fall. “Oh shit! Look out!” It crashed next to Heidi. Oh no! “Heidi!” he yelled. “Heidi! Are you ok?” His heart raced. No answer. He rushed to find her as fast as he could. The rain was pouring now. The wind was howling. It was hard to see.

Heidi’s hand popped up through branches. He grabbed her and pulled her up.  She had scrapes and was bleeding on her cheek. She held him tight. “Oswald. Oswald. Oh God. Thank you. Oh my God. You saved me.”

He held her in his arms. She felt so right.

The storm. It was getting worse.  “Heidi. Are you ok? Anything broken or hurt?”

She checked herself. Felt the cut on her cheek. The blood. Her clothes were tattered in places, revealing some skin underneath. “I’m ok Oswald. I think.  Just cuts and bruises. Thanks to you.”

“We need to get you to your shelter.” Oswald yelled over the howling wind. It felt like a tornado was near.

He held her by her shoulders and started to guide her there, but he noticed that she was limping, so he picked her up and carried her like a husband carrying his new bride…except he was taking her to a storm shelter and she wasn’t his bride. She did feel so damn comforting in his arms. He wanted to kiss her right there.


Heidi felt Oswald pick her up off her feet as she was limping. Her ankle hurt. Didn’t feel broken. Probably just a sprain. She loved how Oswald took control and carried her. She just wrapped her arms around his body. He felt so strong. It really was like something out of her novels. She wanted him to kiss her.


Oswald arrived at the shelter and carried her down the stairs and shut the doors behind after he laid her down gently. They were soaked through and through.

Heidi limped to Oswald.  She kissed him full on the lips.  It was the sweetest kiss she’s ever had.  She held his face.

Oswald was shocked. Heidi was kissing him. His eyes were wide open. Hers were closed. Her soft hands held his face. He didn’t know what to do.

She let go. Her smile was like sunshine.  The world could end and Oswald would be ok with it. “Thank you Mr. Oswald. For saving me.”

“Uhhh….yes of course Heidi. Of course. I couldn’t let you just die out there.” Oswald replied.

“ I seen you finally walking to me and I wanted to hold you, but…. I didn’t see the tree falling. You saved my life. Who knows what would have happened to me if you weren’t there to pick me up? Let me give you thanks Mr. Oswald. Please. It would be my honor for saving me to please you.” Heidi explained.

“It’s ok Heidi. No need. I…. I wanted to come over and see if you needed help. Like you helped me. Figured it was only right.” Oswald was rambling. Heidi being so close to him made him lose his words. She was intoxicating. “Well I see you needed it. Whoah! Heidi, what are your doing?”

Heidi reached into his pants and started to unbutton them. “I want to please you Mr. Oswald. You saved my life. Do you not like it? Am I not pretty?” She looked upset. She turned around away from him to hide her tears. “I am sorry Mr. Oswald.” She said through tears. “I thought you would like it. I thought you’d want me, too.”

“Oh Heidi. I didn’t mean to make you cry. Please. Turn around.” He put his hands gently on her shoulders and turned her to him. Her head was down and tears stained her cheeks mixing with blood. “It’s just….. I mean. Yes I want you to, but….I mean. The funeral. Bob. Dammit Heidi. You just surprised me is all. You don’t have to do that for me. Not that I don’t want you to.” He wiped away her tears and cleaned off the blood.

“Then let me please you. I want to make you feel good Mr. Oswald. I know Bob just died. I don’t care. He never loved me. He owned me. I had to please him. He liked it. I am good at it Mr. Oswald. Please. I want to make you smile again. You are sad and I love you. I want you to love me too. I see how you look at me. You don’t think I do, but I see how you look at me Mr. Oswald.”

During her speech, she was taking off his pants. Oswald didn’t stop her. Each sentence brought them closer. Oswald didn’t mind. It made sense. She was right. He wanted her. She wanted him.

“Are you sure Heidi?” Her hands started to stroke him.

“What do you think Mr. Oswald?” She smiled kindly at him. She seemed to enjoy it and she wasn’t lying. Damn she was good. “I see you are sure, Mr. Oswald.”

“Oh Heidi. Damn you’re good. You weren’t kidding. Umm…oh shit.” He was moaning now. “Please call me Oswald or Oz or even Ozzie. Just not Mr. I’m not that old.” His breathing increased as she worked him firm and gentle. The way she stroked him was magic. He was already about to cum. Damn she was good.

“Ok. But… I read books and women like to call their men Mr. or sir or master.  Will you be my master or sir? Will you please make me yours? Like in the books. I want to please you cause I want to be loved. I know you love me. Don’t you?”

“Oh Heidi. Those are just books. And…..ohhhh shit I’m  about to cum. Oh Heidi. Shit. Where will I cum?”

Heidi stopped and lifted off her sun dress. She was wearing white lace matching bra and panties. It clashes with her skin tone. Her slight form was lovely.  Her breasts were bigger than he thought they would be. “Cum on these master.” Heidi took off her bra. “Or better, in my mouth please master. Let me serve you like I served Bob, but with love. Please love me master.”

Oswald was confused and turned on and about to explode. Then Heidi bent over and took off her panties too. So smooth. Oommff. She was perfect. Heidi kept her eyes on him the entire time. Oswald put his hands on her head to push her down. “Yes master. In my mouth. Thank you master.”

“Heidi.” Her mouth closed over his cock. She fully consumed him and he wasn’t exactly small either. “Oh fuck.” His hands held her silky black hair. “Heidi. I’m not your master. You’re free. I don’t own you. Nobody does. Oh shit. I’m going to cum.” He let go of her and she held his hand there on her head as she swallowed him. His cum shot down her throat. She kept sucking him. Her head went in and out. He was moaning and shaking a little.

When Heidi finished, she licked her lips clean and watched her master enjoy her. “I please, master?”

“Fuck yes Heidi, but I’m not your master. You’re free Heidi. Nobody owns you.” He looked around and found some blankets and put them on the ground and laid down and took off his shirt.

Heidi loved his muscles. So strong. Bigger than Bob. His cock was bigger too.  Her master was so much better. She loved him and he loved her. It’s all she ever wanted. Love. Heidi laid down on his chest.

“Please be my master. I need to be owned. It’s all I’ve ever known master. Let me serve you. Did I not please you master?”

“Of course Heidi. That was incredible. I haven’t cum like that since……” Oswald trailed off.

“It’s ok if master doesn’t love me. I love you master and I want to serve you like I did Bob, except freely. Cause I love you master. I didn’t love Bob. Bob never loved me. Only wanted me to cook and clean and please him. It was my duty. I will do that for you not cause you own me master, but cause I love you. Even if you will never love me back. I understand. You love Becky. I am not Becky. She was beautiful and I am not.”

“Heidi.” Oswald was holding her close the entire time. “You are to beautiful.” He played with her long hair. Yes, I loved Becky, but she’s gone. She always told me to find love. To move on and love.”

“I love you master.” Heidi looked into his eyes. I have since….since Becky passed. I wanted you to love me like in the book I read, but I know they are only books and that you’ll never really love me.” She looked so sad. “But I will love you and serve you master. I want to make you smile. I love your smile master.” She was playing with his chest hair and his nipples. It was turning him on again.

He sighed. “Oh Heidi. Don’t you see? I’ve loved you since I met you. All those years ago. I hated Bob for bringing you here. For having a young wife. For making me feel this way. I hated it. Yet, I’ve always loved you Heidi. Always. I know it was wrong. Becky was sick. I was lonely. I knew she would die soon. I didn’t know what to do. Then Bob died and I thought just maybe you liked me too.” Heidi squealed with joy.

“Oh master. You make me happy.” She kissed his cheek. “I love you master. I dreamed you would love me like in the books. Turns out that you did. You are my dream master.  Thank you master. I will please you again master.” Heidi started to play with him again with her hands and her mouth. “Just like the books master. I serve you and please master.  My master.”

Oswald was getting hard again already. “Heidi. Let me please you.”

“It’s ok master. I love to please you.” Heidi said.

“Heidi. Let me please you to. Did ..did Bob please you?”

“No master. I served him. He was my master. I did as he pleased. You don’t have to master it’s ok. You love me.” She squealed again and sucked his cock passionately.

“I am your master and I say I am going to please you Heidi.” He smacked her ass. “Sit on my face.”

“Oh master. You are bad. I love it. Yes master. Like this?” She was on his face. “But how am I supposed to please you master?”

“Heidi. Will you just enjoy this?” he was kicking her pussy.  His mouth sucking on her lips. His tongue buried deep inside her temple. He was worshiping her now. Heidi moaned. She loved it. Thought that this was how it felt to be loved. She wondered how an orgasm would feel. She would soon find out.

“Master. You are good, but I want to please you too master.” She was still moaning. Louder and quicker now.

“Fine.” He smacked her ass. “Turn around and suck me until I’m fully hard again. She did as she was told. 69. It was magical.  

Heidi experienced her first orgasm. She was screaming onto his dick as he ate her out. His tongue was working her wet lips back and forth quickly. Her head bobbing up and down on his cock. Her hands playing with his balls. She was really good at this. Better than…well…. he didn’t want to think of that anymore.

“Oh master. Master. Master. You make me feel so good. What was that master? I felt…. Ohhhhh…. Master.  You’re still pleasing me. What is that feeling master?” Oswald was now two fingers deep against her g spot.

“That’s your g spot Heidi and that was an orgasm. The first of many I hope to give you.” Oswald explained.

“Yes master. Yes. More master. Faster. I can feel it again. Oh master.  Ohhhhhh…..ohhhhh…..aaahhhhhhhhhh….mmmaastttteerrr… I’m….cumming. Yes master. You make me cum. I love orgasm master. I’ve never had one.  You are a good master.

“I want to make master cum again. You make me cum. I make you cum more master.” Heidi was really getting into it. She started to suck his dick again.

“Heidi stop.” She did m, but looked disappointed. “It’s ok. Don’t look sad. There are other things we can do Heidi.”

“Yeeeee!” Heidi squealed her joy. She jumped on his cock and started to ride him and kiss him all over. He kissed her back and grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples and sucked them. He lifted her hips up and slammed her back down hard over and over. Heidi bounced as hard and as fast as she could. “Master like it? I want master to cum.”

“Yes I like it Heidi, but I’m not trying to get you pregnant just yet. I need to finish somewhere else.”

“My ass master.” Heidi moaned. It was so fast and good.

“I don’t have lube Heidi.” Oswald gasped.

“I do master. In my bag.” Heidi got up gingerly. Her ankle was red and swollen.

“Why do you have lube in your bag Heidi?” Oswald asked.

“Bob made me keep it just in case.” She replied.

“Of course he did. Mother fucker. I owe you one Bob.” Oswald said looking upward.

Heidi lubed up Oswald’s cock, then she got on all fours. Bob did train her well. He had to give him that. She was a servant through and through. Thanks Bob. You son of a bitch.

Oswald held his cock and she already her ass as he entered her gently. She winced at first, but then relaxed as Oswald was completely in. He held her hips and worked her slowly. She started to moan. Oswald smacked her ass. Pulled her hair. Leaned in and kissed her neck. Reached around and grabbed handfuls of her beautiful tits. Pulled on her nipples. He even smacked her pussy.

Heidi loved every bit of it. She moaned loudly. She loved how rough he was being. Then, he was fingering her. “Master. I need to pee.”

“Push it out Heidi. It’s called squirting. That’s so fucking hot Heidi. Squirt for your master.” Oswald commanded.

“Yes master. Yes. Faster master. I’m pushing master. Ohhhhhhh…..massttteerrrr… I’m pushing.” Heidi was unable to make a sound. Her body was shaking. Her eyes were wide open. Oswald was grabbing her tits and pulling her nipples while fingering her into sweet nothingness and he was moaning as he came inside her ass. He leaned on her and pulled out. Heidi squirted onto the blankets. Gushing out.

They both were silent. Laying with her ass pressed to his cock. She could feel him dripping cum between her legs. It felt good. Oswald held her close.

“Will you marry me Heidi?” Oswald couldn’t believe he just asked it.

“Yes master. Yes! Yeeeeeeee!” Heidi squealed. She turned around and kissed him. He kissed her back. Their tongues danced. Their arms and legs wrapped around one another.

“I was only coming over to help you.” Oswald said after the passionate kiss ended.

“I thought you were coming to make love to me like in my book.” She smiled. “Looks like I was right. I’m so happy master.” Her smile was so big and infectious that Oswald couldn’t help but to smile in return.  She held his face.

“How did it end up like this?”