Be Careful What You Wish For | Ava Sterling Cover Reveal

Back again are you? Can’t get enough Ava Sterling content? Well, neither can we, honestly. We’re honored again to show up another upcoming slice of steamy goodness from one of the headliners of the Smut Vault, Ava Sterling. Be on the lookout for more reviews of her work coming soon. In the meantime, here’s another tease…

She never expected to magically wake up as a man… but it just so happens that today is that day.

Layla’s never good whenever it comes to social gatherings. She usually finds a corner to hide in, mostly talking to her friend Suzanne, instead of interacting with others. At this particular party, she kills time by asking Suzanne about a strange pendant with a shining green stone in the center. Suzanne describes it as a “wishing pendant,” that her parents picked up for her while traveling in South America.

Out of frustration with a frat guy at the party, she wishes on the pendant to become a man, never thinking it would actually do anything. When she wakes up the next morning, however, she discovers that she has a big problem to solve…and a few fun ideas for some interesting pit stops along the way.

If you enjoy steamy stories of fantasy gender swapping and male-for-a-day fun, you’ll love Be Careful What You Wish For.

Thanks to Ava Sterling for the Sneak Peek as always. Check out her site and twitter below for more great content!
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