Ava Sterling Cover Reveal: Solo Mission

Hello again, Smut Vault fans. Something special for you today. We’ve been given the rare opportunity to help reveal the cover and promote an upcoming erotic story! Erotica author and all around friend of TehBen.com Ava Sterling has been kind enough to provide us a sneak peek at what looks to be one hell of an interesting read. Can’t wait to get our hands on it. Enjoy!


There’s only one way to handle an agent who looks that good.

The evening was supposed to be simple: hold an event, have the media over, celebrate a charity, and have a few martinis in the process. These days, that’s as exciting as things get for Pearla, and she prefers it that way.

Years ago, she gave up being an operative for the agency and hasn’t looked back. She created a company using her savings and life has been treating her well. Well enough to start giving back to the community. But on the night she hosts a party for all her colleagues, her past comes back to haunt her. When she enters her office after taking a break from the crowd, she comes face-to-face with a female agent in a rather tight dress.

Minutes later, it’s a fight for Pearla’s business, her livelihood, and her reputation. They are the only things on her mind . . . that is until a new desire overtakes her, one that will suddenly take precedence over everything else.

Pearla might not be getting back to the party for a long time.

If you enjoy steamy stories about lesbian women, tight dresses, spies, and fight scenes, then you’re gonna love Solo Mission.


Once again, a special thanks to Ava Sterling and Red Lace Publishing for all their help with getting Matt’s Smut Vault exposed to a greater audience. Their book giveaways and general awesomeness help make this little Smut Vault adventure worth while.

Follow Ava Sterling on Twitter, and visit her website for more erotic stories to read or purchase.

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