IT’S BACK!! (In Denver)


Awwww, yeah! All my complaining finally accomplished something!

CRYSTAL PEPSI, (the official flavor of summer) is currently available at retailers again during the dead of winter! While shopping for donuts and other healthy foodstuffs two weeks ago, Shorty came across a carton of Crystal Pepsi on sale at King’s. I was pretty shocked, and I assumed they were just clearing out old crap out of the stockroom, so I wrestled another lady for 16 bottles of my favorite soda. We eventually came to a mutual and non-violent agreement that we would split the bounty, leaving absolutely none for anybody shopping after 9am.

We returned with the spoils, and we dined victoriously on delicious donuts the clear choice in cola. It was a great day. A damned Legendary Day, if you will.

Chocolate syrup, chocolate chip waffles, donuts, Fritos, and three gallons of corn syrup. We’re totes health nuts.

Every week, I would return to that particular King Soopers and clean them out completely. I asked the cashier why they had aisles of “normal”soda, but only had a single box of bottles of Crystal Pepsi for sale each day. She told me that Crystal Pepsi was not a very popular seller, but they were still offering it per consumer demand. She said that this is the seventh time since this summer that Pepsi has ‘test-marketed” the drink in Denver, and that they usually only sell about six bottles over the course of a normal day

….Unless weird 90’s kids show up and clean them out.

Be sure to hoard enough Crystal Pepsi to hold you over until the 8th attempt at test marketing!

So far, we’ve sighted Crystal Pepsi at:

King Soopers

Big Lots!

Random 7-11’s


Crystal Pepsi in the wild

You can also use the Pepsico website to try and locate Crystal Pepsi, but it is slow and looks like complete dogshit on mobile. If you are out and about, and come across another retailer, let us know and we will update this directory. It’s still cheaper getting it locally than getting it from Amazon!

Which has dropped 7 dollars in value, but still priced like an epi pen.


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