Dinner and Dessert | Ava Sterling Cover Reveal

Hello fellow Smut Vault dwellers. Vault friend and smut magnate Ava Sterling has another cover reveal for us. Please support her work as she’s been VERY generous with review copies and giveaways for TehBen.com supporters. Be on the lookout for even more Ava Sterling reviews in the coming months, and maybe even some great giveaways! Let’s see what she’s got in store for her readers coming soon…

One last opportunity to make a move on her. It’s now or never.

Sophia is moving to Tulsa. Her boss made it clear that her position is being phased out, so it’s either relocating to the Midwest or she’s out of a job. Just when she’s getting more friendly with Elizabeth, an employee in her department.

Thinking of a plan, she convinces her boss to let her take out the department’s top performer for dinner as a thank you from the company, who just happens to be Elizabeth. The only snag is that her boss insists she take the top two performers, which also includes Jason.

At dinner, Sophia’s mind is racing on how to make a move on Elizabeth without Jason, and the entire restaurant staff, noticing. This launches a feverish, desperate attempt at pleasure, far beyond anything Sophia’s tried before.

If you enjoy saucy stories of lesbians, bi-curious women, and daring plans, you’ll love Dinner and Dessert.

Thanks to Ava Sterling for the Sneak Peek as always. Check out her site and twitter below for more great content!
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