I’m Overclocked Here…

Hey ya guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything fresh, but I’m buried in projects up to both of my ears. My main editorial help is spending Spring Break traipsing across Europe eating weird cheeses and throwing stuff off the Eiffel Tower, so I am all on my own this week.
To make matters even worse, I managed to give myself a rather brutal and embarrassing concussion surrounded by small children while at Jump Street. I can’t help but think about all the therapy those kids are going to need later in life.

This incident took me out the rest of the day on Sunday and I’m having issues with concentration/vision/mental focus. I have now learned to always wear a helmet when enjoying physical activities at Jump Street (if you are old like me).

But here is a quick list of the current projects I have on my hands and their completion percentage. All I’m trying to prove is that I’m not bullshittin’ y’all


“That Vinyl Guy Pt. 1” – 80% done

“Stingray Death Beam” – 10% done

“Automaton Review” – 0% done because they would not send me an advance copy of the album 😦


Episode 051 – 80% complete, still need to edit about 20 minutes of audio and mix down

Episode 052 (Beatival 5)- 10% complete (which basically means its only been recorded)

Episode 053 (BEASTIVAL 5)- 10% complete (same shit)

I will also begin producing a new podcast in the coming weeks. I will not be a host or provide material. I will simply be producing and hosting. This new podcast is both educational and well-researched, which is about as far from Middle Age Middle School as you can get. Stay tuned for details as they emerge!


“Night Stalker Robot” is around 65% done. It still needs the audio completed and video edit.

“I HEART DUBSTEP” is 90% completed, I have about 25 seconds of video and graphics to edit in.

“WiiU Controller Repair” is 10% done. That video is going to be almost as much of a headache to edit as it was do the repair.

That’s about all I have in the works at this time. Patience is a virtue, you guys. I will be posting new content on here as it is created. 

To tide you guys over, check out my newest video, “Kristi’s Story (Original Version). It’s a riff of an old Trump ad, so my dumb video is excessively late to the party and completely irrelevant. Enjoy it anyways.

Two last notes: 

Beastival 5 was an astounding success! I am amped for how bad ass all of our interviews turned out! Everyone brought their A game to the party this time out! I can’t wait to get these interviews published, but I will work as hard as I can getting these done as my physical condition will allow.

Watch my video counts! The “Katana Oil Change” video and the “Katana Fairing Repair” videos are running neck and neck towards 1k views! Who will reach that goal line first? I couldn’t be happier with how awesome all of you are! 

Stay classy and shit, you guys! 🙂

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