Well, we’ve been at this thing for almost a full year, and over the course of it we have learned a few things:

  1. Stuttering sucks.
  2. Interfaces sucks.
  3. Advertising on Facebook is equivalent to wiping your ass with a $10 dollar bill. I take that back, you get better value for ten bucks when its used as toilet paper.
  4. An hour-long podcast is a lot of work in post.
  5. A little success goes a long way
  6. Interfaces sucks (I’m serious)

We’ve hobbled along like a wounded orc on the battlefield of social media, but we are finally starting to get a foothold on how to market ourselves. Being invited to run vendor booths at conventions has had a huge impact on our brand awareness.

After the Beastival 3, we’ve finally struck a nerve with people and are finally starting to reach new heights in download counts. We’ve released two episodes this week and in 5 days, we’ve tripled our downloads since our inception on that cold, snowy drive to Vegas. I’d post a bunch of graphs showing our improvements, but that’s just being a gloating d-bag. All I can say is that we are blessed to finally be entertaining the masses we had always hoped to attain. The only thing we can’t seem to conquer is the “likes” on Facebook. If you are into us and want to spread the word, head over to our FACEBOOK page and give us a little love. Important logistical crap is hidden behind the “like”wall which makes me want to punch Zuckerberg in the cock.

That, and we’ve landed a radio gig! We will be broadcasted LIVE on TRI LAKES RADIO next week Monday through Friday at 8 pm-9 pm. They will be leaving (most) of the cursing intact, so it’s not going to be a neutered version of our brand of idiot comedy.


  And in case you wanted to enjoy some of the magic download action, check out…





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