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I know, not a whole lot of article-writin’ going on so much lately, but I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time away from the prison yard with recording and editing podcasts. The latest one was edited in a much more haphazard style, with not nearly the amount of wav formatting as usual, and I managed to clock in at around 7 hours in post finishing it up.

While I’m excelling at speeding up the whole process, I still have not found a whole lot of time to write. If I can find my flash drive (I lose these damn things constantly) I could possibly publish a rough draft of something entertaining, although I have used a couple of themes from them as side notes in various podcasts. Though it might look like I’ve been slacking, my wheels are always turning, and I’m trying to create an allegiance of Denver podcasters at the moment. Wouldn’t it be damn cool to see your favorite Denver internet radio personalities at a convention? I think that would be a blast for everyone involved!

Keep the faith!



(Episode 010)


(Episode 009)


(Episode 008)

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