Mtn Dew Uproar | Soda Blog Review

We’ve been on a hot streak here at the home of America’s favorite Soda Blog. Let’s keep it going with yet another new Mtn Dew released in the month of October. The Food Lion grocery store chain has their very own specialty Dew, and for once it’s a flavor that I have not had as a soda in long time. No need to beat around the bush, let’s get right down to it and see how she flies.

Mtn Dew Uproar is a Kiwi Berry infused soda that has some really cool packaging and a nice color scheme in both label and liquid. Why does a kiwi berry flavor call for a gigantic green roaring lion? Fuck if I know, but it looks hella sweet. I’m also not sure why the color of almost orange/red is used here in the actual soda but I guess that means it’s a little more berry and a little less Kiwi (Kiwi-Strawberry I guess)…and we all know there’s enough green Dew already out there as it is. At my local store, there were only 20 ounce bottles available, and thankfully I got there while there was still with a few left perched on the shelf of the special display. I believe Uproar is also available in 2 liter bottles, from photos, but I have not laid eyes on it myself. In the looks department, this is probably my favorite soda of the year thus far. The third VooDew flavor had a really awesome label but that frosted semen look (thanks Jenn) just wasn’t very appealing as far as the liquid is concerned. For Dew collectors, this one might be worth it on looks alone before we even consider the quality of the pop. I am not one of those people however, so the taste is gonna be a big deal. Time to pop it open and see what happens.

The flavors are of course artificial as hell but there is a smell of the promised Kiwi that was unique if not wholly unpleasant. My first sips were warm because for whatever reason there were no refrigerated options at the store, but in the car I still popped it up and gave it a try. It’s a Mtn Dew of course so no matter what, it’s going to be sweet, but it’s not quite as bad as I might have anticipated. I taste the Kiwi before anything else but there’s definitely a berry flavor on the back half. It’s not really a Dew other than that. It doesn’t taste like what I’m used to and if it was a blind taste test I’d say this is one of those cheap sodas you get at the dollar store. It’s one of the better selections in that style mind you, and it’s up to the quality of you would expect a major soda brand, but it just doesn’t quite have that Mtn Dew soul to it. Dew is meant to be enjoyed cold of course, so I waited until I got home to take a second crack at it.

Chilled down, things get a whole lot better. I’ve been friends with people that enjoy warm soda and other than sampling the flavors I just can’t make sense of it. Anyway, after some time in the fridge and with ice, the background flavors get a lot more focused and the kiwi front of the drink comes through a little better. This way it’s what I call a “short sipper” as chugging would make it rather unpleasant, but Uproar is a fine soda to sip and savor. It’s still missing that Dew soul, but as a soda pop on a base level, it does the job you need it to. Think of it as a Shasta or Faygo…but good. If you’re a fan of kiwi sweets or just want to try something different from the brand, you will not be disappointed. For me however, it’s just another crumb on the trail to the next new crazy ass flavor and packaging. Speaking of…

See you soon!

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