Men’s Underwear: The Journey Continues | Saxx: Vibe

Friend of Jonathan Z is back with us to review some more gentleman’s underwear and to show the world some sweet, sweet, man bulge thrifty consumer reporting. Take it away Jonathan!

By: Jonathan Z

Kept you waiting, huh?

​I had meant to continue this series much earlier. However, due to 2020, life stuff, and a general creative torpor I never got around to it. But never fear! We’re halfway through 2021, and life has become manageable (enough), and I’m back to writing pornography again!

​So there’s no reason to put this off any longer (and it would be nice to get it off my conscience).

My first article detailed why I thought men’s underwear was important and why we don’t give it as much attention as the rest of our attire. I went into detail on a few thoughts and then gave a rundown of some basic pieces I’d tried out over the years. With that basic introduction out of the way, I think it’s important then to give you a review of what my favorite pair of small clothes are so as to give context to future reviews.

Saxx: Vibe

At the time of this writing, these are my favorites and the pair of underwear against which all others are measured. I’m currently testing some others that may dethrone them, but that remains to be seen. For the time being, these are where it’s at for me. The Vibe is one of Saxx’s many collections of men’s underwear, and this pair are cut as trunks, as compared to briefs, boxers, or a combination of the two. They’re fantastic and I love them. Let’s find out why!

Fit and Construction

As mentioned, these are trunks. That means they fit like boxer-briefs but with shorter legs. What this does is not readily apparent to me, but according to Wama Underwear trunks are good for guys with a leaner build. I personally just like the minor aesthetic difference of the shorter legs, but hey, you do you.

Moving along to construction, these things are pretty sturdy. They’re made from a “moisture-wicking viscous fabric” and elsatane (Saxx –, and what that means for you is they are soft, breathable, and form fitting. However, they have withstood a lot more punishment than I had expected. Typically soft, stretchy fabrics like these wear out when you’re lazy at doing laundry and throw everything in at once like I do. But, I’ve had these for a few years now, and they feel almost new every time. I was even still able to check the printed-on label for this article because I couldn’t remember the model type! No fraying, no pilling, and still plenty elastic.

I’ve saved the best for last, and that is Saxx’s big selling point: the BallPark Pouch. Saxx read my mind and created exactly what I wanted in a pair of underwear. It’s a pouch with plenty of room but more importantly, that pouch is sectioned off by a pair of walls on either side. This keeps everything that’s in the pouch in the pouch. No slipping. No dropping. Everything is nice and secure without being crushed or cramped. At the best of times I barely notice they’re there.

▪ Look

These are some good looking pants, if you ask me (you’re reading my article, so…). They form well due to all that construction junk we talked about above, and because of the pouch there can be some other junk related benefits to the appearance as well. I got mine in this vibrant array of colors that they don’t seem to offer anymore. But don’t worry, they still have a number of bold and exciting designs to choose from, or some solids if you prefer to keep it classy. The only thing that could be a drawback is the large Saxx logo on the waistband. It could definitely draw attention, but I like that. It gives me an opportunity to talk about Saxx.

And no, they’re not paying me…Yet.

They do have a separated waistband that’s pretty wide. I like that as I wear my pants and underwear at the same level, typically. If that’s your jam, they provide a good buffer between you and your outers. If you like to keep things lower, it offers some visibility of what you’ve got on underneath. If you can’t stand waistbands, these may not be for you.

They slip on and fit easily under pants, no pun intended, and because they’re super thin they’ll draw no attention. Unless you want them to, in which case, they can do that as well.

▪ Cost

This could be seen as a drawback, depending on your view of clothing. A pair of Vibe trunks lists on the main website for $32 USD at the time of this writing. And that gets you one pair. Is this the most I’ve seen underwear sell for? Hardly. But at the same time, thirty bucks isn’t a small amount for a working man. Why buy one pair of shorts when you can get ten for the same price? Who cares if they’re not quite as nice?

And I totally get that. There’s a reason I only have one pair. But, you do get what you pay for in this particular case. If you’ve got the money, I can think of worse ways to spend it. If you decided to take the plunge, I don’t think you’d regret this purchase.

▪ Negatives

Okay, so what don’t I like about these? There must be something, right?

Honestly, there isn’t much.

The retail price is a barrier to entry, and that keeps me from owning more. But like I said, I think it’s a fair trade in the end.

They could breathe a little better, but then they might not fit as well. Being sealed up so nice and tight causes them to be less breezy than other brands and things can get a little steamy from time to time. I’ve worn them for hiking and other feats of physical endurance, and I don’t know that I recommend them in that case. The only consistent issue I’ve had with these comes from the pouch I love so much. While the walls of the pouch do a great job at keeping everything in, they can also lead to some chafing and irritation. Especially when it’s hot and you’re doing a lot of walking. In these situations I wished I’d had briefs or something more free. On the plus side, this doesn’t become an issue for me until I’ve been wearing them for quite a while. But for someone heavier set than I am, I could see it being a deal breaker.

Just something to consider.

▪ Conclusion

I love these and I think you will too. They are my go-to undies for special occasions or big events. If I believed in lucky underwear, these would be them. I set them aside if I know I have something big coming up and want to bring my A game. And that’s because they fit so well that I can rest assured knowing I won’t have any issues below the belt. Pair these with some good socks and I’ll be unstoppable.

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