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Welcome back to the Book Club. We’ve got a bite size review this week, but it’s being bet on a subject that might yield a BIG return! Mr. Big himself is back with us, and while not writing erotic fiction or researching criminal empires, he’s a bit of a player in the casinos as well. Join in with us as we learn a little more about one of the more popular table games, and see if we have what it takes to run the tables!

Mr. Big Talks Craps: A Beginner’s Guide by Wayne Clingman is, as you might expect, a beginner’s guide to the popular casino table game “Craps.” If you’re a newbie, Craps is the one with the dice and multiple casino employees, and typically where the most of the noise is coming from whenever you walk a casino floor. If you’re not sure where the Craps game is, just follow the screaming. Mr. Big breaks down his Craps philosophy into some easy to digest sections: basic history, rules and bets, and some light strategy tips that’ll help you develop your own game. For me, Craps has always been one of those intimidating games, with so many people crowded around despite a seemingly infinite number of better options. This book was a good starter for me as all the lingo was broken down and more important: some handy do’s-and-don’ts for table etiquette. This book is worth the price alone for making me realize I’d have my legs broken within the first five minutes…

Verdict: Mr. Big Talks Craps: A Beginner’s Guide by Wayne Clingman is a great little starter book for learning how to play and enjoy one of the more intimidating table games at a casino. With a complete breakdown of lingo, betting options, sucker bets, safer plays, and general table etiquette, Mr. Big’s wisdom will take the edge off for first time players. If you’re a table ace and can sling dice with the best of them, maybe this won’t be for you. But for the donkeys that still need to know more than your basic 7-11 power play, Mr. Big has got you covered. Viva Las Vegas Baby!

Special Thanks to Wayne Clingman for providing a review copy of Mr. Big Talks Craps to All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Author’s Twitter: @themilwaukeemob
Purchase Link: Amazon

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