Minimalist Wallet | Product Review

For the entirety of my adult life, I’ve been a front pocket wallet boy. I’ve never been comfortable with sliding a wallet in my back pocket, disrupting the perfectly aligned angle of my near perfect ass, so I’ve never tried it. This would be most notable due to my knack of holding the entire existence on my person within the confines of my money holder. Should I ever be hit by a bus: my entire identity, life story, and associated fanfic could all be assembled from its contents. While that’s lovely, it always looks like there’s a disgusting growth jutting out from my leg. That visual is what brings me to today’s review item…

Upon receiving the new minimalist wallet, I took the first step to determine my “essential” items, which meant getting rid of some old business cards and bullshit motivational messages. I live a few hundred miles from the nearest Kroger, so perhaps it was time to part with that discount card after all. Even after reducing items, I was concerned I’d have more than what this slim wallet could handle. Thankfully, this little bugger has 6 slots and a couple well placed pockets so everything I genuinely needed found a home. My pants look better, I have a little better style, what’s not to like?

Verdict: The slim minimalist wallet sold by Piboashi on Amazon is a sleek setup that takes the contents of my old bulky wallet and slides them into a sexy little package. The slender style will work well for anyone looking to take the plunge into slim wallets, and this price point it’s more than worth a shot. Minimal by concept, but extra large on style.

Purchase Link: Amazon ($11.99 US)

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