A new author’s shot in the “Big Leagues”


Oh hello, I didn’t hear you come in! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt and I write this from the great state of Maryland, in a picturesque community just off the coast of the Atlantic. By day I’m but a simple 9-5 office monkey, but by night I morph into a crude curator of dick jokes and ethically questionable erotic literature. From early 2018 I was a proud writer for now defunct PopLurker.com and made some great friends (including our dear leader tehben himself) writing reviews and think pieces for the west coast nerd community. As one chapter closes it’s important to reflect on the….various..good spirited…uhhhh <insert soft-spoken heartfelt remembrance filler>.

The truth of the matter: I’m fucking stoked to get right back on the horse and start producing delicious, organic, free-range #content for a new website. From me you can expect great big doses of video games, off-color humor, and 9/11 conspiracy theories healthy discourse on current events. As for credentials: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in factory production, I’ve seen all the good episodes of The Simpsons, and I achieved the “good ending” for each of the characters in the Quantic Dream PS3 classic Heavy Rain on the first try.

There’s some big things on the horizon for tehben and company, so I hope you’ll consider coming along for ride.

But in the mean time, do you have any spare change?


Drop me a line on Twitter, because fuck knows I’ll need the help. 

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