The Haunted Cold War Radio Broadcast!!

Here we have a SadCast that I made last week. I still haven’t checked the finished product for quality control purposes since this whole thing genuinely creeps me out.

I really also wanted to try the new player embed feature, WordPress finally made a button for this sort of thing. Snazzy eh? I can’t tell if this shit worked (the mobile WordPress app kinda sucks) so you can expect this to get reposted about ten times while I work the bugs out.

I hope that you enjoy this episode. Like I repeated several times in the episode, this is best enjoyed in an empty house or at night.      Boo!

I am currently trying to figure out another scary SadCast really quick so I can get a second Halloween-themed podcast made, but I am open to suggestions. Should I write a short story and narrate it? Should I just try and recant scary stories told to me growing up on the fly? There are lots of possibilities, and guaranteed shitty execution! 

Be sure to leave suggestions in the comments!

Happy Halloween, Comrade!

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