NEW VIDEO and Updates!

Hello again, loyal fans and readers! Once again, I don’t technically have a new article to share with you, but once again, it’s a quick post letting you know what’s going on (and I might as well be getting something out of these hosting fees..)

It has been a rough summer so far. I haven’t even gotten a chance to recharge myself on the river or go on a road trip. I also have not gotten a lot of content done, but once again, it falls squarely on the shoulders of exhaustion and not enough hours in the day. I promise I have some great ideas and projects lined up, but it will all come in due time. 

I’m currently trying to get out the newest Middle Age Middle School podcast, and that should get done this week. After that, I have an episode of Ben Fixes Everything on deck to get the editing treatment, and then on to bigger projects. I’m just one guy, but hopefully my editor comes over this weekend to lend a hand.

And speaking about her, she’s the shining star in my newest video! 

This was a lot of work for four minutes, but I’m striving for quality over quantity. I really enjoyed this video, even though I started from scratch several times.

Hope you enjoy it! 

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