As much time as I have had to edit this episode, I still left 95% of the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL to be completed on October 30. I’m just having a tough time finding time to do anything. As soon as this one is done, I immediately am going to get started editing our live BEASTIVAL 4 episode where we conducted interviews with a bunch of awesome folks and famous people!

That being said, hopefully 044 should be up in a few days. But in the meantime, be sure to enjoy this episode where we talk about the most important movies of the scary season! You still have 10 hours of Halloween to stuff as many of these under your belt as you can!


And if that is not enough for ya, check out our other certified top hit, where we talk about our favorite places we grew up with in Denver that are no longer with us anymore.


I will be updating more content soon. Totes promise.

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