I love this picture.
I love this picture.

I know, dear friends that I seem to have fallen from the face of the earth, but truth be told, I’ve been crazy busy.  As much as I love running this website, the winter blues and the amount of stuff I attack on a day-to-day basis has taken quite a toll on my creative talents.  It’s been a lot of work to have a full time plus OT job, a reunited band, a slight social life, and try to do all this stuff.  But it’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve picked up my own YouTube channel, and started learning how to edit video.  I’ve decided that since our channel is a serious pain in the dick to try and find, that I would just list them here for all of you.  I’m happy as hell having this back to being a part of my life, and I welcome all fans, old and new.

And the best so far, I really turned the derp all the way to potato for this one…


And here is a collection of all the internet articles I have written for, all in one Bat-Place and Bat-Channel.  There’s some choppy errors and screwups from when we changed servers, but most of the bathroom humor is intact.  These will tide you over for a bit, but I am working on a new article, I promise.

Much love, All the love!


Have faith in me.  The next one's a good nostalgia piece.
Have faith in me. The next one’s a good nostalgia piece.


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