Drink Over Hangover Prevention | Product Review

It’s that special time of year again! Holiday parties, family visits, company parties…it’s the season for drinking to excess. Whether you’re being socially festive or just looking for an escape from the cold, black hell that the world has become, it’s easy to get carried away when popping a few drinks this time of year. For me, these decisions usually lead to a following morning of splitting headaches, dry mouth, and hating the fact that I survived the night. But hopefully these downsides will hamper me no more, as I picked up a new product to review…

I picked this up specifically for a weekend trip that was planned around an excessive amount of drinking. What’s nice about this product is how it requires no affect on your actual drinking. The directions indicate that 1-2 capsules should be taken just after concluding your alcohol consumption. I was worried I’d have to take these before drinking and it would cause some sort of chain reaction that would make my penis fall off…but thankfully that wasn’t in the cards here. There’s not much else to say with how straight forward it all is: have some drinks, wear a lampshade, take 2 capsules, hit the sack.

The next morning I awoke to something amazing. My head didn’t hurt. My mouth wasn’t dry. I didn’t feel like death. MY PENIS DIDN’T FALL OFF! Everything felt just as it should, almost like I didn’t drink myself stupid the night before. From now on, I’m keeping a pack of these on standby. The package mentions the supernatural ability to also help treat hangovers that have already started…but hopefully it won’t ever come to that.

Verdict: The Drink Over Hangover Prevention capsules truly do the job they were designed to do. So long as you take as directed, the capsules consumed just after your final drink of the night work their magic to yield a more pleasant and survivable morning. No hangover, no dehydration, what more need be said? Drink Over is definitely a more fashionable alternative to chugging Pedialyte for the better part of the following day.


Purchase Link: Walmart $14.15

Full URL: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hangover-Prevention-Relief-Pills-All-Natural-Exclusive-Electrolyte-Amino-Acid-Formulation-Supplement-Drink-Over-3-pack-12-pills/978403731

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