Pan Sexual: Sorcha and Aimee are Back for More

After a lengthy foray into the realm of fantasy and romance novels, I currently find myself right back in my element, which is my filthy native habitat of the Vault. What better way to re-acclimate myself to the world of erotica than to open up a collaboration piece from my favorite two authors: Aimee Maroux and Sorcha Rowan? This time around it’s Pan Sexual: An Interspecies Romance. How appropriate as I try to get back in the saddle with reviewing erotica. (eyyy!)

Our story mostly follows the sexploits of Rufina and Spuria, a female faun and centaur, respectively. Quick refresher course: fauns/satyrs have human torsos on top of goat legs, and centaurs have human torsos sprouting from the neck areas of horses. Female fauns are also known as fauna, and apparently a female centaur is called a centauride. So, we’ve all just learned something today and we’re all caught up then? Cool. Both species have a reputation within myth for being horny little buggers, especially satyrs, so a story where two members of that species hook up for a vigorous fuck sesh is well within the canon.

Since they’re both female, we (thankfully) avoid what I might call “the Dimensional Analysis Dilemma” that comes to mind when you imagine a horse and a goat gettin’ jiggy with it. A similar question likely pops into your mind when you think about Shaquille O’Neal and his wife…

At least, until you reach the 3rd act… Due to the relative size difference, our intrepid pair has to get creative in their effort to get their freak on.

Pan Sexual is massively different from any erotic piece I’ve ever read, and a truly unique work. That isn’t a backhanded compliment; the mental image of a horse lady orgasming from a goat chick’s spirited fisting is not something I would openly describe as “hot”, until I read this book. Did I just become a furry? Hmm.. not sure how I feel about that. However, I do know how I feel about Pan Sexual; it is a wonderfully depicted, well-written piece of art. While it may not be for everyone, it is still an enjoyable read. Your imagination can have some fun visualizing this one, no doubt. The only thing that seems to exceed the skill of each individual author is when they choose to work together. Aimée and Sorcha, take a bow for making me question my sexuality, and keep these intriguing collabs coming!

Special Thanks to Sorcha Rowan and Aimee Maroux for providing a copy of Pan Sexual to All thoughts and opinions are our own.
Aimee’s Twitter: @aimeemaroux
Sorcha’s Twitter: @AuthorRowan
Purchase Link: Amazon

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