Sparkle Pony and Blue Eyes : Nelson Reviews a Scorcher from Sorcha

“Back into the Vault with you!!” I hear yet again as I’m forcefully shoved back into the dimly lit room. “You write ONE review of a non-erotic, full length book and you automatically start thinking above your station!” *Door slams shut* I knew it wouldn’t last long, but the fresh air and sunshine were great while they lasted. Now I guess there’s not much to do but get back to the filthy, smutty grind I suppose. *Dusts off iPad* Oh, what’s this? A new short? This one must be a “My Little Pony” and “Yu-Gi-Oh” crossover fanfic…at least I hope it is.

As it would turn out, “Sparkle Pony and Blue Eyes” is one of 4 separate mini-stories from the Sorcha’s Scorchers series, authored by the indelible Sorcha Rowan, obviously. This is the first instance I have reviewed the same author for a second time! Therefore, you can believe that I am excited, (you might even say that I’m “titillated”) to see even more of the her particular style of writing and further growth from her previous work.

SP & BE revolves around two women who bump into each other at a coffee shop nestled inside a college town. As the title suggests, these women are referred to in the story as “Sparkle Pony”, and “Blue Eyes” where ol’ Blue (note: nothing at all like Frank Sinatra) is the protagonist. She’s a recently single, bisexual woman with just a pinch of social awkwardness. Sparkle Pony, a customer in Blue Eyes’ shop, is the epitome of “drop-dead gorgeous”, and has charisma for DAYS. Have you ever come across a person and had your brain completely stop working? Like, a brief moment when you legitimately believe we have to be living inside the Matrix for someone that perfect to actually exist?

(Nelson’s belief in male body perfection)

That’s Blue Eyes’ reaction to seeing Sparkle Pony for the first time. The two hit it off and begin a whirlwind affair that includes a surprise twist and a sizzling climax. There is also one scene where you, the reader, are immersed in a moment where our two characters have phone sex. If you can make reading about two characters talking over the phone about having sex a genuinely erotic experience, which Rowan does, that’s definitely saying something. Frankly though, this interaction goes into a whole metaphysical discussion that we do not have time for.

In the beginning, the dialogue and exposition feel a bit uneven. However, if you consider that we have an inside view to Blue Eyes’ mind, this sort of stammering makes sense given her awkwardness juxtaposed against the absolute stunner that is Sparkle Pony. Those aspects of her personality expressed in her dialogue, as well as her inner monologue reflect some excellent writing on the part of Rowan. Brief aside, there are a few unique metaphors used that, while effective, are probably firsts in the written word, or perhaps just in my experience. Special thanks to Sorcha Rowan, who’s still poppin’ cherries for me after all this time. Throughout the story, we see Blue Eyes struggle to find courage to push her boundaries before saying “#YOLO” and going for it all. Altogether, Blue Eyes is a very down-to-earth, completely relatable character, and it would be interesting to see a sequel that explores her relationship with Sparkle Pony further. Is this Pony a free spirit that cannot be tied down for very long? Do they develop intimacy, or does the lust-filled fires of their hearts eventually extinguish? Only time, and hopefully a second short story, will tell. If the other stories in Sorcha’s Scorchers are as hot as this introduction, be sure to collect the whole set!

Special thanks to Sorcha Rowan for providing a copy of Sorcha’s Scorchers for review. All thoughts and opinions are solely of
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